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China Global Export is not just another international trading company, offering import and manufacturing services in China, like many other companies in the field.

China Global Export exclusively represents a trade agreement with more than 3,600 factories across China committed to a unique standard of service and quality control, enabling customers worldwide to order a wide range of different products to be shipped in one container. Our company representatives in China manage the ordering, quality control and logistics process until the goods reach their destination. In addition, China Global Export offers customers the option of manufacturing their own unique products, with our company representatives supervising the production and quality of the merchandise to ensure customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, there are many advantages in working with a company with many years of experience exporting merchandise from factories across China to customers throughout the world, import / export from China, manufacture within China, import of brand name products etc.

We invite you to read about the scope and variety of our activities with all the possibilities available to you, and to become partners in our many years of success.


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